Another Taste

Here’s another sample from upcoming novel, Only Words. Pretty See is an ancient village,  the first setting in the novel. Maegans Quick is the protagonist. The narrator is a chorus of words, self-organized, talk with no one talking. This is a story told by the words themselves – Only Words.

Suppose your life is  a story in which a made-up you acts in ways imagined by the real you. All the hurries, all the worries – all made up for the sake of diversion. Your real life is longer, more complex, but not so interesting. The real you, the one imagining all this, is enduring and substantial, but boring. How would you construct your amusement life? If it were possible to put aside your real life and move your experiencing to a fantasy, what story would you contrive?

With nothing real at risk, you’d make your life bold, entertaining. You’d go for broke, leave nothing on the field, throw caution to the wind. Wouldn’t you?

The happy truth is your life is imagined – it’s constrained not by what’s possible given your circumstances, but by what’s conceivable given your vocabulary. A man cannot construct a house without materials to fashion; he cannot fashion a rafter or bearing wall without knowing these words. A woman cannot nurture her children into the adults she would have them be without a stock of virtue words to instruct and teach. Can a person experience full happiness without knowing ebullience or delectation? We think not. At best a person so limited might attain joy or glee or some such lesser gaiety.

The sad truth is the same as the happy truth. You all live in a world made from the words in your head, nothing more. Your lives are narratives stitched together from the best words you can muster. You are, in fact, Maegans Quick of Pretty See; you all are.


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