Most read Magical Realism Books?

book birdDepending on how broad you cast the definition net, a relatively broad or relatively narrow collection of books find shelter under the Magical Realism umbrella.  My purpose today isn’t to find the edge of that umbrella, but to determine which books you’ve read and recommend. I picked a number of books below for this little poll. Please check those you’ve read and recommend. I’m interested in your observations about the list, too. Are there books you read and don’t recommend? Books I should add to the list? Please add comments below and thanks in advance for your input.


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One response to “Most read Magical Realism Books?

  1. I’d query several of these as magic realism – Tie Travellers Wife and Orlando really can’t be considered as such, even at a stretch. MR is not about magic or time travel, and Wuthering Heights – really??

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