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Ad in the New York Times Book Review

NYTime AdI was delighted to see the ad for Mikawadizi Storms in the New York Times Book Review of March 15 – visibility in a terrific place. The ad features clips from early book reviews of Storms (Thanks to my reviewers!). I think it’ll be effective in boosting sales, and generating more reviews. Right now Storms has a 4.7 star rating and improved its rank in fiction by half (leaped ahead of half of the books ahead of it) over the weekend. High Hopes.

Meanwhile, progress on Only Breath continues. Two editor/reviewers will get copies this week. I’m reading it through and polishing for the third or fourth time. This pass I’m copying snippets I think are clever; I’ll treat them when it’s time to start promoting the book. Here’s the current teaser description for Only Breath.

When William Kepler tries to calm the angry ghosts haunting the statues in Luca D’Angelo’s garden, he uncovers a century-old murder. Conpletely liberated, uninhibited Marci Moore and bookish, mysterious Lisa Hart compete for William’s attention as they vie to resolve the mystery. Will this unlikely trio discover what has so upset the ghosts and bring peace to the garden?

Only Breath will published this summer.


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