Prices Reduced on Seven (count them -7-) Books!

 To celebrate and prepare for the release of Mikawadizi Storms in September, kindle versions of seven titles from Sunny Waters Books are now reduced from 4.99 to 2.99 $US, with corresponding reductions in other currencies. These books are also now available free through kindle unlimited, if you’re into that sort of thing. The books are:


Witless: Two peoples settle in Britts Mill, Wisconsin. The first are free-spirited and fun loving. They build the town’s dance hall and saloon. They love, dance, play cards, pull pranks, build their dreams. The second are members of the Church of the Bridge. They trade austerity now for paradise later. Differences between these two cultures create a friction that grows for half a century and erupts into an explosive conclusion.




Bluehart: Seven Hart, mysterious daughter of A. J. Bluehart, sets out to discover the source of her father’s contentment. Following audio tapes he recorded to preserve his memories, she uncovers a captivating life story, and solves, through her search, the riddle of her own happiness.



The Second VirtueThe Second Virtue: Searching for the courage to become themselves weaves three characters into a braid of exploits, including unraveling a stubborn crime puzzle, and the best sex scene ever involving a woman with casts on both legs. The Second Virtue rediscovers the universal truth Charlie Chaplin once observed: “Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it.”



Adams AppleAdam’s Apple: Narrated by his press secretary Mooney Trompeur, Congressman Adam Ibsen’s story carries him from conception to election into the House of Representatives, original to mortal sin. He savors incest, patricide, lust, avarice – all the top ten – gorging immorality like a gastronome on all-you-can-eat Sunday at Les Gourmet Cafeteria. Fickle, impulsive, and uninhibited, Adam taste-tests the h’orderves on both sides of the culture war, juggles reality and illusion, engages meaningful and absurd, savors the left, relishes the right,  sips liberality, nibbles conservatism, gobbles the gamut of political penchant. In the end, his life reveals no moral; however, it does come to a surprising point. Adam’s Apple includes 24 yummy recipes for forbidden fruit.

Passing Through ParadisePassing Through Paradise: A collage of characters, events, and places, some forming linear narratives, others embellishing these narratives with odd images and facts. Characters appear and vanish. Plots take shape and develop. Settings adjust sporadically. Themes emerge. Mysterious satyr-like character pops up in Colorado and walks to Chicago, gathering an entourage along the way, to put on Sophocles’ satyr play, Ichneutae. Naive author of newspaper articles falls into ill-starred infatuation. Derelict Jazz-age theater, subject of intense political wrangling, is razed to make space for characterless condominiums. Elements from these and other narrative fountains splash onto the pages to create a playful literary kaleidoscope.

Between the Shadow and the SoulBetween the Shadow and the Soul: Expelled writing student, Devin Post, is flabbergasted to see his life fracture into two tracks. In one, unprincipled employer, Leach Pharmaceuticals, sends him into Mexico on an impossible quest. In the other, he is office sex toy for a lineup of lusty women. Which life is real and which fantasy? Between the Shadow and the Soul follows Devin through these escapades with humor and literary panache, exploring inter-dependencies between reality and imagination and discovering surprising connections between the two.

Double ExposuresDouble Exposures: Each of the twelve short stories in this collection strives to shed light on an underlying complexity (psychological, metaphysical, or aesthetic). They presuppose there is a world behind the world we experience, behind the world science considers, and this back-stage reality is responsible for much of what we encounter and for all of the meaning we discover.

Amazon pages can all be reached through my author page.


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