Sustainable Capitalism

I’m working on a character in a novel (working title for the novel is Lost Shadows), a Native American activist who is skeptical that sustainable resource utilization will ever be achieved in a free-market society. Some quotes: “Capitalism is a treadmill where you run until your heart breaks. Capitalism is the boat that leaks faster than you can bail, that keeps you bailing until your strength gives out, that drowns you like a dog nobody wants. Capitalism is the menu with thirty entrees, but all you can order is bean soup, no crackers.” I don’t intend this to be a political novel, but the differences between communal and individual focus is a major theme. Writing this feels like writing my first (published) novel, Witless, which threw two cultural perspectives into one place and observed the result (chaos and ultimately destruction). It’s early in this process–Lost Shadows will likely be a Fall release–and I’m interested in early reactions to a character who thinks like (talks like) that.

Incidentally, the title is from a marvelous quote from Blackfoot warrior, Crowfoot: “What is life?  The flash of a firefly in the night; the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime; the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”

File:Chief Crowfoot.jpg



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