When Rosa Came Home by Karen Wyld

I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful story. One after one, exotic characters, each with a miraculous tale to tell, come to visit comatose Rosa and her troubled family. Many of these visitors are circus performers or former circus performers. Some are human; some not.  The Ambrosia family home is a remote vineyard and becomes yet another magical character — reacting to and affecting the actions set there. It trees and gardens fall into shadows when trouble prevails, and burst with light and life when joy arrives.


When Rosa Came Home

 In the framework tale Angelita is a little girl when the events in these stories occur, but grows up and her knowledge and perspective designate her to be the story teller. She sees the world through a child’s eyes, and everything is possible.

 Fairy tale? Fantasy? Magical Realism? When Rosa Came Home draws from several traditions to build a narrative that carries the reader back to when the world was a magical place and everything was possible.

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