Passing Through Paradise

Image“Collage: an assemblage of diverse elements in unexpected juxtaposition.” Passing through Paradise is a collage of narrative elements, some forming linear narratives, others embellishing these narratives with odd images and facts. Characters appear and vanish. Plots take shape and develop. Settings adjust sporadically. Themes emerge. Mysterious satyr-like character pops up in Colorado and walks to Chicago, gathering an entourage along the way, to put on Sophocles’ satyr play, Ichneutae. Naive author of newspaper articles falls into ill-starred infatuation. Derelict Jazz-age theater, subject of intense political wrangling, is razed to make space for characterless condominiums. Elements from these and other narrative fountains splash onto the pages to create a playful literary kaleidoscope.

Passing Through Paradise is a narrative collage put together from snatches snipped from several story lines. A satyr-like character appears in Colorado, walks to Chicago gathering followers alone the way. There he stages Sophocles only extant satyr play in an aging theater. The theater is the center of a political squabble pitting history against greed. Greed wins. The major spokesperson for both sides is the same person, an unlucky-in-love young man whose heart is broken as the political frenzy dances around him.

Paperback: here  Kindle: here  Nook: here  Video Trailer: here


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