Double Exposures

I’m delighted to update this post with a quote from Ryan Wynn, who read a pre-release copy of Double Exposures: “Using faith and religion as a backdrop, Double Exposures reveals the consequences of its characters’ exploration of their free will.  The stories varied settings include a ritzy restaurant, a contested community garden, a repurposed massacre site, and the ashes of a taberna, but the constant throughout is the existence of both humorous plot points and ominous foreshadowing.  Like all of Vickers books, this collection will keep its readers engaged and stay with them long after they turn the final page.” — Ryan Winn, Tribal College Journal Columnist and Media Reviewer. Double Exposures, 12 short stories, illustrated, coming next week.

I’m within sight of the finish line for publishing a selection of short stories, lovingly called ‘Double Exposures’ (some of the stories were published in ezines). I painted three watercolors for each story, a total of 36, and I’m eager to see how they look in the printed book. This, of course, means color printing, which increases the cost, but most of my books sell as Kindle or Nook, and it won’t matter much there (except file sizes). Six of the stories are set in Mexico and were written over the past twelve months (following a style that’s settled in my head, which I’m calling ‘Mexican Gothix’, since my last visit there. The other siz are older and have been polished a bit for this publishing.

Why paint watercolor illustrations? I’m fascinated with how similar are the processes of painting and writing stories. Both attempt to look into the world behind the scenes, the reality where meaning is rooted. Both attempt to reflect something there with what is ultimately an imitation of an imitation. Storytelling uses words and sentences for this purpose; painting uses colors and two-dimensional shapes. Plato would judge the result a reflection of a reflection, the shadow of an imitation projected onto the cave wall. Yet, if the story or illustration succeeds in touching the world behind, if it taps the meaning there and draws that sap onto the page, it circumvents the everyday world and kisses the eternal.
I expect to finish preparations for publishing, including proof reviews and edits, developing a video trailer and figuring out a marketing plan, around the end of March.


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  1. I would really like to see video marketing for this. The watercolors are amazing; I was surprised they weren’t credited.

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