Between the Shadow and the Soul

Image Expelled writing student, Devin Post, is flabbergasted to see his life fracture into two tracks. In one, unprincipled employer, Leach Pharmaceuticals, sends him into Mexico on an impossible quest. In the other, he is office sex toy for a lineup of lusty women. Which life is real and which fantasy? Between the Shadow and the Soul follows Devin through these escapades with humor and literary panache, exploring inter-dependencies between reality and imagination and discovering surprising connections between the two.

Paperback: here  Kindle: here  Nook: here  Video Trailer: here

On Relationships:

Suddenly the sun of passion broke through the clouds of arousal and bathed us both in that warm light that comes only this way, the zenith, crescendo, frenzy, peak, spasm, convulsions of ecstasy, lasting seconds that seem minutes before slipping away like a gasp, followed by that slow unwinding where every muscle, every nerve, every cell relaxes, expended completely in the purpose that allows no regret, at least not right away.
“Into this fog of mutual misunderstanding we discovered a mutual attraction. In my case, I took something that was carnal only and fantasized it into something else. In your case, you saw only one side and took it to be all of me. I thought you were more complex than you are — It’s something women do — and you thought I was simpler than I am — It’s something men do.”

On Fiction/Nonfiction:

 “Fiction must exhibit direction and purpose; the real world has neither.”
 “You thought I’d say non-fiction is about what’s outside your head and fiction about what’s inside? Dimwit! It’s all inside your head!”
 “The idea there is an outside your head and an inside your head, the idea you have a head – it’s all inside your head!”
 “Reality or Fantasy. Fiction or non-fiction. It’s a farce either way.” Here he held his arm out, finger pointed up, the way no one does since Clarence Darrow.
 “The distinction is of interest mainly to persons employed re-shelving library books.”

On Corporate Life:

 Ten VP’s on the two long sides of the table slid their chairs forward until silk ties kissed walnut. No one wanted to appear ready to leave.
“Corporations are supposed make money. It’s their entire purpose. With no regard for morality? Like a cat torturing a mouse; it’s not immoral, it’s what cat’s do.”
 “God knows I’m not above using a little libido tickle to get ahead. I’ve ridden the coitus elevator to career advancement myself. The thing is you’re swimming in shark-infested waters.”

Putting the smile in simile:

“Stop that!” Ghost Hemingway ordered. “It’s like teaching goddamned cats to walk on their back legs.” He sighed. “Standing eggs on end in a dining car.” He signed again. “Talking to Scotty Fitzgerald sober.” 
“Now I felt exposed, on display like a puppy in a pet store window, strip steak in a butcher case, burglar caught in a flashlight beam, in a word, naked.” 
“Suddenly, she emitted a loud, long fart, like air escaping a beach ball, exhaust pipe of a Model T, tire-inflating hose at the service station, and this without any forewarning borborygmus.”
“Her eyes beamed over the top of the cup like Peterbilt high beams coming over a hillcrest, full moon rising over a mountain lake with its reflected partner, 747 landing lights coming down onto a runway.”
“Your eyes flash like Fourth-of-July sparklers, headlights on a mountain road, sparks in a short-circuited toaster.”

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