Adam’s Apple

ImageNarrated by his press secretary Mooney Trompeur, Congressman Adam Ibsen’s story carries him from conception to election into the House of Representatives, original to mortal sin. He savors incest, patricide, lust, avarice – all the top ten – gorging immorality like a gastronome on all-you-can-eat Sunday at Les Gourmet Cafétéria. Fickle, impulsive, and uninhibited, Adam taste-tests the h’orderves on both sides of the culture war, juggles reality and illusion, engages meaningful and absurd, savors the left, relishes the right,  sips liberality, nibbles conservatism, gobbles the gamut of political penchant. In the end, his life reveals no moral; however, it does come to a surprising point.

Adam’s Apple includes 24 yummy recipes for forbidden fruit.

Mooney Trompeur: publicist, policy director, speechwriter,  biographer, running dog  lackey for the Ibsen for Congress Campaign – former monkish English student, corrupted by liquor in clear bottles and women in low-rider jeans, now a machiavel.

Commissioned to ghostwrite the Ibsen autobiography, but unwilling to twist the narrative as the campaign insisted beyond what even the most gullible might swallow, Trompeur here brings the story out mostly uncensored.

Bon appétit!

Paperback: here  Kindle: here  Nook: here  Video Trailer: here


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